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Schim­mel­pilz, Elek­tro­mo­bi­li­tät, Bauen, Finan­zie­ren oder Juris­ti­sches … Casafair hat Ant­wor­ten auf alle Fra­gen, wel­che Haus- und Wohn­ei­gen­tü­me­rIn­nen inter­es­sie­ren und beschäftigen.
Als ein­ge­logg­tes Casafair-Mit­glied haben Sie kos­ten­los Zugriff auf die voll­stän­di­gen Ratgebertexte.


  • Resi­den­tial image: bee32/iStock
  • Full Garage: trekandshoot/iStock
  • Loving Senior Cou­ple Enjoy A Walk Tog­e­ther On A Win­ter Day: jacoblund/iStock
  • Tree­house: Welsing/iStock
  • Blue solar panels: VioNet/iStock
  • House and stack of coins on white back­ground, Real estate invest­ment, Save money with stack coin, Busi­ness growth invest­ment and finan­cial, Mor­tgage concept.: Tinnakorn Jorruang/iStock
  • Young Man play­ing keyboard: suteishi/iStock
  • toxic mil­dew and mold in a home: makasana/iStock
  • With House Model And Stack Of Coins On Desk: Photobuay/iStock
  • Per­fect for Peeping: heprint/iStock
  • one cou­ple man and woman screa­ming shou­ting dipute: OSTILL/iStock
  • Horn­beam (Car­pi­nus betu­lus) hedge in Summer: photohomepage/iStock
  • Cory­do­ras palea­tus. Pep­per Cory Cory­do­ras palea­tus cat­fish. Fish Cory­do­ras mott­led, speck­led Cat­fish sit­ting on the leaf of plants in the aquarium: Borislav/iStock
  • Skull dan­ger sign in yel­low triangle: arcady_31/iStock
  • Beau­ti­ful blue sky with clouds and bright sun: Xurzon/iStock
  • brea­king: eskaylim/iStock
  • Busi­ness people Mee­ting nego­tia­ting a con­tract bet­ween two colleagues: SARINYAPINNGAM/iStock
  • Eco­logy Con­cept. Green tree gro­wing in light bulb: Ales_Utovko/iStock
  • Bul­ding Inspec­tion Incom­plete Stucco: isafx/iStock
  • Real Estate Deve­lo­per And Mana­ging Pro­perty Invest­ment Con­cept. Selec­tive Focus Woo­den Houses With Ques­tion Mark On Table: marchmeena29/iStock